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We understand the restaurant business and what you require to run a successful enterprise. Restaurants require quick, dependable service with the utmost attention to detail. That is why we have developed several best-in-breed restaurant solutions to meet your needs.

We offer multiple solutions, including pay at the table, curbside processing and delivery pay programs along with traditional programs that include detailed tip reporting, server tracking and online transaction activity details. Let us get your restaurant up and running fast.


Mega M Merchant Services can provide your restaurant with an array of terminal solutions for your specific needs. Whether you own a small diner, a fine dining establishment or a specialty shop, we offer processing features for the restaurant industry that will support all major electronic payments.


You may qualify for Free POS Placement and Free Processing with Cash Discount and Surcharge Program or qualified preferred restaurant pricing.


  • Credit Cards

  • Debit Cards

  • Gift Cards

  • Loyalty

  • ACH Payments & Collection

  • Check Processing

  • Charity Processing

  • PCI Compliance


The restaurant industry encounters many unique situations that your credit card merchant must effortlessly be able to manage.


Mega M can provide your establishment with a merchant account that will accommodate many special situations which occur daily within the restaurant industry. Below are some features that our systems will provide:

  • Tips can be added after authorization occurs

  • A bill from the bar can easily be added to one’s dinner bill for a single simple transaction.

  • Terminals can be programmed to provide server and table numbers on receipts.

  • Tracking of transaction activity and tips by a tracking number or name.

  • Creation of a large range of reports and documentation will make it easier to track your restaurant business activity.


We provide and offer Free Placements of:

  • Restaurant Counter-Top Terminals

  • Restaurant POS Systems


Restaurant POS Systems

Restaurants POS software solution is the affordable, easy to use, feature-rich, and 100% multi-lingual restaurant Point-of-Sale and store management solution.

POS System for Restaurants will dramatically reduce costs and retain guest loyalty. Our reliable software solution was created with “you” in mind. Why pay a ridiculous amount of money for a solution that is supposed to lower your costs? With Restaurant POS, you make a small investment once and you start saving from the moment you make a choice.

Restaurant POS is full of benefits. It is a user-friendly Restaurant POS software that does not require you to know about computers to use it. Ease of use and reliability also makes POS for Restaurants an excellent solution for high staff turnovers in the restaurant business. Best of all, POS For Restaurants software comes with all the features such as POS, CRM, Inventory, Labor and much more for a valued price. POS for Restaurants will grow with you. The extensive features and flexibility allow you to tailor our solution around your restaurants’ operations. With POS for Restaurants, you will not have to worry about paying more for advanced features that we provide free of charge.

POS for Restaurants is equipped with great features to use for small to large restaurants and franchises. You can turn the features on as your business expands. You can have it all for a very affordable price.


Some of the Key Features Include:

  • 100% Touch Operated Point-of-Sale

  • Visual Floor Management

  • Advanced CRM such as Gift Card, House Account, Frequent Buyers

  • Hostess Features such as Reservations, Waiting List & Guest Paging

  • Caller ID Integration, MapPoint Integration, Coin Dispenser Integration

  • Labor & Scheduling Management Menu Recipe Control & Complete Inventory Management


Restaurant Wireless POS Edition

Why waste time walking back and forth to the POS terminal? Restaurant Wireless POS allows your wait staff to send their orders directly from the table to the kitchen in a matter of seconds. No more delays!

Restaurant Wireless POS edition extends the capabilities of our desktop POS. It enables you to create and modify orders via wireless handheld devices at your customer’s table. Restaurant Wireless POS is the ideal expansion to complement your desktop point of sale. Our wireless solution enables your staff to work more efficiently to fulfill customer orders. You will experience better customer satisfaction and improved table turnover as a result.


Some of the Key Features Include:

  • Create Dine-in Orders on Wireless Enabled Pocket PC Devices

  • Edit Dine-in Orders on Wireless Enabled Pocket PC Devices

  • Print Dine-in Orders on Wireless Enabled Pocket PC Device

  • Create & Edit Take Out or Drive-Thru Orders on Wireless Enabled Pocket PC Devices

  • Easy to Use Order Entry Screen on Wireless Enabled Pocket PC Devices


Your wait staff does not have to worry about making a trip over to the kitchen to drop off their orders. They can place order after order from the tables they are serving. They can also modify the orders through the PDA, so if the customer wants to add additional items to their order after the initial order has been placed, your server can just add through the PDA. Our Wireless system will increase your wait staff’s efficiency and make your service go from good to excellent.


Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) and Ghost Kitchen

QSR’s and Ghost Kitchen are exploding! 

Consumers now prefer to order online; we offer a full suite of online ordering build out as well full integration with POS for 3rd party online ordering and deliveries. 

For face-to-face in-store customers who use their check card instead of cash and expect their retailer of choice to be able to accept any type of payment they tender. With our QSR program you can quickly check out customers at your POS with no requirement for a signature and no chargeback liability for sales under $25.00. Let our QSR program speed up your checkout line and put a smile on your customer's face. 

We offer self-service kiosks digital touch screens at restaurants and cafes that allow customers to place their own orders rather than placing their order with a waiter or cashier. Most self-service kiosk software is available to feature of the businesses’ larger Point-of-Sale (POS) system. However, some free-standing kiosk options integrate with multiple POS systems and online ordering. You may qualify for Free POS Placement and Free Processing with Cash Discount and Surcharge Program or qualified preferred merchant pricing.

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