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Mega M is proud to offer the most reliable, multiple ATM solutions. ATM hardware and software are designed as a complete solution and adds value to every transaction.

Mega M is not only committed to providing our customers with reliable ATMs, but also innovative software and marketing and communications solutions that meet the needs of an ever-changing market. Our solutions also effectively and efficiently manage ATM installations, which may include multiple vendors. Mega M’s ATM hardware and software solutions are designed and engineered to be easy to install, operate and service for the lowest cost of ownership.

Here is just a sampling of what we have to offer:

  • Your business has an existing placement or bank ATM producing over 400 withdrawals a month and you are not getting your fair share of the surcharge revenue.

  • Gas station, C-store or Truck stops with 800+ customers per day.

  • Grocery stores with 1200+ customers per day

  • Hotels with 250+ rooms

  • Casinos and busy Bingo Halls

  • Amusement Parks with 1500+ customers per day

  • Foot Traffic area, preferably 2-3 cashiers, 24 hours operation

  • Restaurants and Night Clubs

  • Pharmacies

  • College / University locations with no bank ATMs

  • Hospitals with 120+ beds


We offer options such as on-screen ads and coupons, which can be downloaded from a computer and featured at specific times on ATMs or transaction receipts customized with specific advertising messages or branding. This type of additional functionality means increased revenues for the ATM owner, which in turn results in lowering the total cost of ATM ownership.


Extremely popular ATM machines are designed to be low-cost and high-performance. Our ATMs have proven to be perfectly suited for installations that need functionality and performance at a lower price point. Our ATMs offer unparalleled reliability and many additional features designed to maximize uptime, such as automatic error recovery. Mega M ATMs provide dispensing mechanisms, which incorporate state-of-the-art electronics and a host of features, including a locking cassette. Dollar-for-dollar, they are simply the most cost-effective ATMs in the industry, bar none.


We provide a completely new line of terminals, designed to meet the needs of any financial institution, large or small. We have designs that allow you to easily configure your ATM to match the needs of your customer base today yet be ready for any upgrade in the future. Our ATMs have changed the way people think about ATM reliability. An eye-catching design, coupled with numerous enhancements to meet newly proposed ADA and PIN security requirements, makes a choice clear for any retail ATM deployment. The standard features include ADA-compliant voice guidance, Encrypted Pin Pad (EPP), and a 56K modem. We offer a range of options to custom configure an ATM solution for any location. We also offer an ATM monitoring and management tool via the web, allowing you to receive instant error messages to your email or cell phone, and the ability to review transaction history and cash management reports online.



For the business owner who wants an ATM without the headaches of managing its operation, Mega M has a complete turnkey placement program, all you need to do is supply the space and power; Mega M will do the rest. Under this program, you may be eligible to receive a portion of the profits depending on volume.

If your store falls under one of these categories, we will conduct a short interview, and if qualified, we will install an ATM at no cost to you!


Full-service branding programs are also available, offering you a simple and inexpensive way to provide ATM services to your existing customers.

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